Not Your Usual Blog Post But (Somewhat) Amusing Nonetheless  

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I admit, this is not my usual blogging fare.  Maybe that is good or perhaps not.  In short, I love to sell items on eBay and figured a blog post about it should be part of my permanent record.  I have been selling on eBay for over 15 years.  It started in 1999 when I needed to raise some cash to go to England, my first trip across the pond, and it continued for years to fund other needs right through to funds needed for my trip to Ireland last year (just scroll down for pics of that trip--there are plenty and they are spectacular for, after all, they are of Ireland).  I now find myself needing to raise some spending money for my trip to England (again--but including London this time, and long lost friends and new ones and a book cover photo shoot in Bath!!!!) and Scotland (finally!).  So, I am blogging the items that I have listed for sale today (the auctions all go live between 5 and 7 pm California time) for, as I said, posterity and (ahem!) so that I can pin them on Pinterest, a magical place that spreads news of all kinds far and wide. 

I love this little shelf so much that I should probably change my mind and find a place to hang it.  It is listed with the rose-painted cabinet plate as shown above. 

Barkcloth!  Who doesn't need some of this?  (Apparently, not I--at least not as much as I have.)

Hepplewhite style drawer pulls--they look great and vintage-y painted white and distressed.

How about a Minton's antique cup and saucer with loads of gold trim?  Jane would have been proud to use such a thing.  (Jane who?  Jane Who Else Austen, that's who!)

Then there's this here carved naturally distressed carved 100 year old Adirondack carved frame.  I keep thinking I should paint it white but the dark wood is kind of the point. (Did I mention that it is carved?)

I also have quite a few doll items for sale this week.  This is a Beefeater by Liberty of London.

This lot of dolls features quite a few Storybook/Nancy Ann dolls.  I love her dolls.

The cute sailor above is a doll from the 40's or 50's (or even 30's) by Norah Welling.  Cute! 

I also have non-vintage (also known as brand spanking new) items for sale on eBay this week, such as this Sugar Plum Fairy doll outfit by Tonner, for 16" fashion dolls.  It is gorge-wah!

Aren't dolls beautiful?  I keep wanting to own them but I just don't have a place to display them and as my kids get bigger, my storage space shrinks.  It's a tragedy, really. This one is also by Tonner, known as Spanish Hot Chocolate from the New York City Ballet collection. 

These Tee Fury brand screen printed custom made shoes are Da Bomb but, sadly, not big enough for my daughter's feet.  Off to the auction block!

There is quite a little story to this item:  In July of 2014, Garth Brooks was supposed to perform in Dublin.  He had performed there when he was starting out and received such a rapturous response, he promised to come back.  Then he retired.  When he came out of retirement, Dublin was one of the places he definitely intended to tour.  The three night concert sold out very quickly so they added two more days.  However, the City of Dublin will only allow three nights of concerts at that venue for the entire YEAR.  Garth was told that he would have to cancel the tickets for two nights or cancel the whole thing altogether.  Rather than having to disappoint some fans while choosing others, the entire event was cancelled.  I happened to be in Dublin at the time (not for the concert, thank goodness) and before the concert was cancelled, I spotted this shirt in a number of Dunnes stores.  Dunnes is the Target of Ireland and there is one in every town.  I liked it and went into every one I encountered--they all had rows and rows of these t-shirts along with black Garth Brooks style hats.  Once the concert was cancelled, however, they were all put on clearance on a steep discount so I decided to bring one home to the U.S.  This is a cool shirt with red sequins forming the word TEAM, one I find rather ironic considering how quickly Dunnes chose to divest themselves of all things Garth the second he ditched them.  So, onward (to London and Bath and Liverpool and Cambridge) and upwards (to Edinburgh and Inverness and Loch Ness and Fort William and the Isle of Skye) and I'll Be to Scotland Afore Ye!  (Though, honestly, I wish I could take you with me.)

Power of the Matchmaker Book Series  

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Power of the Matchmaker series is coming!  I am excited to be a part of this!

My Favorite Garden Pics from August 2014  

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So. Many. Pictures.  Over 150 taken in August 2015 alone.  I took over 800 in Ireland the month prior and I guess I was just in the photo snapping mood.  However, actually removing them from my camera, going through them, sizing, converting, etc. seemed such a daunting task that they have been sitting on my camera for almost a year.  When I finally buckled down to the task, I was delighted to find some gems hiding there.

This photo is not one of them.  This is just to give you an idea of how this particular window looked--naked and alone--for the nine years we lived here prior to my trip to Eire.  Ireland is a place of many flowers, most of them in baskets and on window ledges in the cities.  It was truly inspiring.  So, I resolved to find a way to make my garden resemble Ireland. 

Initially, it wasn't very exciting, even with the Belleek mug as companion.  However, the sun did shine, the flowers did blossom, and I became a happy Irish Wanna Be.

See what I mean?  It hardly took any effort at all but what a difference it makes in my heart.

I don't even have to go outside to feel like I am still in Ireland.  (I do, however, have to get out of bed and walk into the kitchen.  Life is rough.)

It was rather exciting to unload these pictures to see what I had.  Gals my age don't remember things so well anymore.  I was surprised to find that I had very few of the back yard for this particular month.  This one was about it.  I think perhaps the Double Delight rose in the forefront was meant to be the star.

What I did find were these night photos.  I wonder if I took the time to sit in the chair and enjoy it after lighting the candles.  (I am guessing not.)  However, this year I have white lights strung along the arch and I DO sit under that and it is delightful.  I highly recommend it.

Pretty in pink.  It never fails to lift my heart.  All other colors only exist as a complement or a contrast.  (It's the truth.)

The real surprise in my teensy-weensy front yard this past August was the China rose.  I do believe it has a name but I have forgotten it.  China is the variety (it's not a tea rose or a cabbage or heirloom or any of those things--it's a China rose) and I love how the petals fold up in a symmetrical way that makes me think of a Chinese puzzle box.  

It has been in a pot for all of its life (about five years) and has never bloomed so abundantly before this.  It was quite exciting.  In fact, I was so enchanted that I decided to give this climbing rose a spot in the real dirt.  It has been a rather dull summer for roses due to the drought but it will be interesting to compare these photos to what I see blooming this coming August.  (In other words, shall I be rewarded for giving it some dirt or not?)

This lantern was a new addition last summer, as well.  I pretty much adore it. 

Last is my Shabby Garden Corner with Irish Geranium Shelf.  It's gone now (not the Irish geranium--the blue bench) and it was fun to see this photo.  I really loved it but I decided that I needed the dirt for my First Prize pink rose bush that had been trying to make it in a pot.  I hope I won't be sorry.  But, hey--more roses is more roses.  One day the drought will be over and I will have roses coming out of my ears.  I can't think of a better fate.

Darling Buds of May: Best of My Garden May 2015 Part Duex  

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We are having a drought.  Now that it is June, the long term damage is becoming evident.  Roses like lots of water.  Though I have been able to keep my rose bushes alive by supplementing with gray water, I doubt I will see another sight like this until the drought is over.

I love to repurpose things.  This iron plaque was originally screwed to a metal headboard that I used outside.  It appears in some of my photo essays from a few years ago.  The headboard was no longer practical and so I took the best part of it and put it to work in a different way.  I love the contrast of the pale pink roses against the white iron. 

During the month of May, there were plenty of New Dawn roses.  Not as many as last year but still more than I always knew what to do with.  How I wish I could ration them throughout the year but then they would not be as special, I suppose.  Here they are in different settings.  (My roses are my fashion models.)

The sun shining on roses is one of my favorite things in life. 

These dark pink beauties are by David Austin and called Princess Alexandra of Kent.

These next photos feature both White Iceberg hybrid tea roses and pale pink New Dawns.

We have a new bird in our neighborhood.  His singing is heavenly, chipper and loud enough for me to hear even when I am in the house with the door closed. Perhaps that is why he is a House Finch.

This is year three for my Eden Rose climber.  This is a spectacular rose--mine won't reach its best for another year or so.  However, I was thrilled to get seven roses out of it before its blooming season was over.  Most climbers only bloom once, in the spring.  It was a gorgeous May but I cherish hopes for an even better one next year. 

Gallivanting Around California ~ Monterey and Carmel  

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Beautiful Pacific Grove--doesn't it look like a painting?  I blogged about that trip HERE.  The trip also included stops in the lovely and delightful Carmel . . .

We spent a lot of time in the mission there, but not many of my photos ended up being worthy of sharing (low lighting, amateur photographer armed with a point and shoot camera). Er, in fact, just this one was . . . it's not as impressive as photos taken in the spring and summer when the bouganvilla is in full bloom.  We also spent a good deal of time in Monterey, particularly at The Lone Cypress.

This is a positively gorgeous spot, very serene and something to delight the eye at every turn.  These photos were taken in October--a wonderful time to visit.  February is always a great month on the coast, as well.

I have one more Ireland post and then, (squee!) my daughter is taking me off on another adventure, this time to England and Scotland.  I hope that I am able to get through all of those photos much faster than the Ireland ones (11 months is too long) but somehow I doubt it.